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RCF - Remote Call Framework

Remote Call Framework (RCF) is a IPC/RPC framework tailored for C++ applications.

  • Wide range of IPC and RPC techniques.
  • Seamless integration with C++ applications.
  • Portable, efficient and scalable.
  • Used in major software applications around the world.
  • Available under dual licensing model - GPL licensing or closed source commercial licensing.

Who's using RCF?


RCFProto is an RPC implementation for Google Protocol Buffers, based on the RCF networking library. RCFProto supports 4 languages (C#, Java, Python and C++), on multiple platforms (including Windows, Linux and OS X). RCFProto combines fast and scalable networking from RCF, with efficient, portable and automatically versioned messages from Protocol Buffers.

RCFProto 1.0 is now available, under the same dual licensing model as RCF.