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RCFProto is an RPC implementation for Google Protocol Buffers, based on the RCF networking library. RCFProto supports 4 languages (C#, Java, Python and C++), on multiple platforms (including Windows, Linux and OS X). RCFProto combines fast and scalable networking from RCF, with efficient, portable and automatically versioned messages from Protocol Buffers.

RCFProto 1.0 is available under the same dual licensing model as RCF.


Proceed to the RCFProto User Guide, to learn about programming with RCFProto.

You can also browse the documentation available in the RCFProto distribution.


RCFProto v - Released 2016-04-13

Older Releases

RCFProto v - Released 2015-06-01

RCFProto v - Released 2014-09-06

RCFProto v - Released 2014-04-25