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RCF 2.0 roadmap

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RCF 2.0 will be the next major release of RCF, and is currently planned for early 2012. So far the big-ticket items planned for RCF 2.0 are:
  • Asynchronous Method Invocation (client side asynchronous calls).
  • Asynchronous Method Dispatch (server side asynchronous calls).
  • Built in file transfer capabilities.
  • Utilites for parent/child process control.
  • Support for more security protocols.
  • Support for JSON-RPC
RCF 2.0 will use Boost.Asio exclusively as the networking backend, which means we are dropping our own Windows IOCP based networking code. We are doing this to simplify the codebase and make it easier to add new features. Consequently we will no longer support compilers that are not supported by Boost.Asio (Visual C++ 6 in particular).

Visual C++ 6 will however continue to be supported in RCF 1.3.x.

Feedback is welcome - if you have suggestions as to what features you would find useful, please email them to us at support@deltavsoft.com, or post them to the Wish List forum.
Kind Regards

Jarl Lindrud
Delta V Software

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