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RCF released

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We are pleased to announce the latest release of RCF.

RCF rolls together a number of minor fixes discovered and fixed since the last release in 2013. From the release notes in the RCF User Guide:

* Fix potential busy loop for multithreaded UDP servers.
* Expose RcfServer::getFilterService() for code using legacy custom filters.
* Fix for RCF_USE_PROTOBUF define not working.
* Fix potential handle leak in Windows thread implementation (win_thread.hpp).
* Fix for thread joining in Windows thread implementation (win_thread::join()) - contributed by acDev on support forums.
* Fix bug in shutdown order for RcfServer.
* Implement RCF_OPENSSL_STATIC define, to allow static linking to OpenSSL.
* Explicitly unload zlib and OpenSSL DLL's, when deinitializing RCF.
* Implement serialization for various QT classes - see SF/Q*.hpp. Contributed by acDev on support forums.
* Fix serialization for std::vector<bool>.
* Implement serialization for std::bitset<>.
* Implement SF_SERIALIZE_ENUM_CLASS macro, to simplify serialization of C++11 enum classes.
* Fix compiler error when serializing shared_ptr<const T>.
* Publish/subscribe - published messages are now sent asynchronously and concurrently on all subscriber connections.
* Implement Publisher::getSubscriberCount(), to return number of subscriptions for a publisher.
Kind Regards

Jarl Lindrud
Delta V Software

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