RCFProto::Client missing?

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RCFProto::Client missing?

Post by cusdom »

Hi all,
first i will thank you for bringing us RCF in GPL. I just implemented RCFProto which works well for my purpose. I saw that the Standard RCF can use Client-Callback by the server but cannot make it running because of the missing RCFProto::Client. Using RCF::Client seems not to work because of the XYImpl Class (seems that i need to use the RCF_BEGIN & RCF_END Macro for this).
Are there any Solutions? Server To Client Calls would be nice... :-)


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Re: RCFProto::Client missing?

Post by jarl »

Hi Dominic,

Server-to-client callbacks are currently not supported in RCFProto, but it's a high priority feature we want to implement.
Kind Regards

Jarl Lindrud
Delta V Software

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