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RPC sessions

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I've few questions about your RCFProto.
I'm little new on RPC... But do we have a solution server side to handle sessions connection / disconnection / auth / caller ID and stuff like that?

I'm trying RPC to handle more easier protocol messages but I need to keep some user informations server side to send the right response.
How can I do this? It's like the only thing I have is the session username... I don't think that sending a user ID in each request will be the best idea...
And for disconnection for example I need to know when one of the user timeout or leave to notify other users.

Should I continue with my sockets? :)


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Re: RPC sessions

Post by jarl »

With RCF you can create arbitrary objects in the server side session of your RPC connection:

http://www.deltavsoft.com/doc/rcf_user_ ... rside.html

, and then store application specific information in there.

We are working on exposing this, and other RCF functionality, in RCFProto. Meanwhile, if your server is in C++, you can still access this functionality , as the RCFProto server side code is derived from RCF. You can retrieve the RcfSession of a server session from google::protobuf::RpcController like this:

Code: Select all

		RpcController* controller = ...;
		RcfProtoController * pRcfController = static_cast<RcfProtoController *>(controller);
		RCF::RcfSession & session = pRcfController->getSession()->getRcfSession();
Note that RcfProtoSession::getRcfSession() was only added in RCFProto
Kind Regards

Jarl Lindrud
Delta V Software

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