Remote Call Framework 3.0
RCF::ProxyEndpoint Class Reference

Represents a proxy endpoint. More...

#include <ProxyEndpoint.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Represents a proxy endpoint.

Proxy endpoints are used to facilitate bidirectional server communication. A proxy endpoint allows one RcfServer (the target server) to establish TCP connections to another RcfServer (the proxy server), so that clients in the same process as the proxy RcfServer, are then able to make remote calls back to the target RcfServer. A RcfServer constructed with a proxy endpoint parameter will serve as the target server, and will maintain a persistent connection to the proxy server. The proxy server is able to request further connections to be established, and these connections are then utilized by clients to connect to the target server.

A RcfClient constructed with a proxy endpoint parameter, will request the proxy RcfServer for a connection to the target server, and then utilizes that connection just as any other RcfClient<> would.

This allows RCF client connections to be established, in situations where direct TCP connections are not feasible, e.g. due to firewalls or NAT devices.

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