Remote Call Framework (RCF) - Delta V Software

Licensing RCF

RCF is available under two different licensing models, to accommodate all of our users:

Which license should I use?

The GPLv2 license is intended to allow usage of RCF in open-source applications. Please note, however, that your application needs to be licensed under GPLv2, in order to use RCF under GPLv2.

For applications that are incompatible with GPLv2, you will need a commercial license. In particular, this includes closed source development.

Commercial licensing

The commercial licensing model for RCF 3.0 has changed from the per-developer licensing model used for RCF 2.2 and earlier, to a company-wide licensing model. Commercial RCF 3.0 licenses now cover usage by an unlimited number of developers within a single company.

To obtain a quote for a commercial license, please contact us

Existing RCF customers are eligible for a 50% discount on RCF 3.x license purchases. Please note that RCF 1.x and RCF 2.x licenses do not cover RCF 3.x.

Purchasing commercial licenses

To arrange license purchases, please contact us at We accept payment by credit card or wire transfer.