Remote Call Framework 3.2
Enums.hpp File Reference
#include <string>
#include <RCF/Export.hpp>

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enum  RCF::TransportType {
  RCF::Tt_Unknown, RCF::Tt_Tcp, RCF::Tt_Udp, RCF::Tt_Win32NamedPipe,
  RCF::Tt_UnixNamedPipe, RCF::Tt_Http, RCF::Tt_Https, RCF::Tt_Proxy
 Describes the transport types used by a RCF connection. More...
enum  RCF::TransportProtocol {
  RCF::Tp_Unspecified, RCF::Tp_Clear, RCF::Tp_Ntlm, RCF::Tp_Kerberos,
  RCF::Tp_Negotiate, RCF::Tp_Ssl
 Describes the transport protocols used by a RCF connection. Transport protocols are layered on top of the transport type. More...
enum  RCF::SslImplementation { RCF::Si_Schannel, RCF::Si_OpenSsl }
 Describes which SSL implementation to use. More...
enum  RCF::Win32CertificateLocation { RCF::Cl_CurrentUser, RCF::Cl_LocalMachine }
 Win32 certificate store locations. More...
enum  RCF::Win32CertificateStore {
  RCF::Cs_AddressBook, RCF::Cs_AuthRoot, RCF::Cs_CertificateAuthority, RCF::Cs_Disallowed,
  RCF::Cs_My, RCF::Cs_Root, RCF::Cs_TrustedPeople, RCF::Cs_TrustedPublisher
 Win32 certificate stores. More...
enum  RCF::RemoteCallMode { RCF::Oneway, RCF::Twoway }
 Remote call mode. More...
enum  RCF::SerializationProtocol { RCF::Sp_SfBinary = 1, RCF::Sp_SfText = 2, RCF::Sp_BsBinary = 3, RCF::Sp_BsText = 4 }
 Describes which serialization implementation to use when serializing data structures for a remote call. More...
enum  RCF::RemoteCallPhase { RCF::Rcp_Connect, RCF::Rcp_Send, RCF::Rcp_Receive }
 Describes which activity a remote call is currently in. More...
enum  RCF::RemoteCallAction { RCF::Rca_Cancel, RCF::Rca_Continue }
 Describes whether a remote call should continue or be canceled. More...
enum  RCF::SspiMessageProtection { RCF::Smp_None }