Remote Call Framework 3.4


RCF_EXPORT GlobalsRCF::globals ()
 Exposes RCF global settings. More...
RCF_EXPORT void RCF::enableLogging (const LogTarget &logTarget=DefaultLogTarget(), int logLevel=2, const std::string &logFormat="")
RCF_EXPORT void RCF::disableLogging ()
 Disables logging for the RCF runtime. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ globals()

RCF_EXPORT Globals& RCF::globals ( )

Exposes RCF global settings.

◆ enableLogging()

RCF_EXPORT void RCF::enableLogging ( const LogTarget logTarget = DefaultLogTarget(),
int  logLevel = 2,
const std::string &  logFormat = "" 

Configures logging for the RCF runtime. logTarget is where the log output will appear. loglevel is the detail level of the log, ranging from 0 (no logging), 1 (errors-only logging) to 4 (maximum detail logging). logFormat is an optional parameter describing the format of the log output.

Log format specifiers: A: Log name B: Log level C: time D: thread id E: FILE F: LINE G: FUNCTION H: time in ms since RCF initialization X: output

Example log format: E(F): [Thread id: D][Log: A][Log level: B]

◆ disableLogging()

RCF_EXPORT void RCF::disableLogging ( )

Disables logging for the RCF runtime.